The Intuitive Marketer helps businesses understand the rationale behind some of the most fundamental marketing principles to help make the right choices. It builds on the author’s experiences which include the highs of working with a market leader promoting the European Union in the groundbreaking 1990s, and the lows of being three years into a business, realising the urgency to get back on top of marketing, fast. The book provides insights into:

  • When to start and manage marketing in your business
  • How to grow your marketing expertise without studying for an MBA
  • Where creativity gives your business the competitive edge
  • Why it is easier than ever before to build a product/service base and add great value
  • Shifting the money mindset to attract better-quality customers
  • Harnessing technology to work for your business
  • Transforming a customer base into a community
  • Why you should go to great lengths to provide an outstanding customer experience
  • Despite what some people are saying, why offline marketing is definitely NOT dead and how it can be used to give your business the competitive edge.

This book reveals how marketing techniques we take for granted today evolved as information technology became embedded in our psyche. Understanding where we’ve come from, not only helps us understand where we are today, it also helps us prepare for the innovations of tomorrow.


  • The number one mistake that could cost you your business within the first three years
  • Seven ways you can build your marketing knowledge and expertise without studying for an MBA
  • Why you should trust your intuition
  • What it takes to be different visible and unique
  • How to avoid burnout
  • How to use your strengths to replace procrastination, doubt and fear, with motivation, control and excitement
  • Why you should push your boundaries to provide excellent customer experience
  • Examples of combining online and offline marketing strategies to enhance customer attraction

Are you starting a business or a business owner that wants to get a better understanding of marketing to make informed decisions to grow your business? Have you relied on your intuition to get you to where you are now, but there is so much out there, that you don’t know what’s the best marketing solution for you?

In this book, Pat Grosse reveals twenty marketing principles that are as relevant today as they were thirty years ago, even with the explosion of online marketing. Pat has experienced a unique journey, including success in a pan-European niche market, then making the number one mistake that cost her three years of business growth, and first-hand experience of technology’s impact on marketing. Pat has been immersed in information technology from before the 1990’s hype of the Information Super Highway to today’s digital economy and touching upon on the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing and society in the future. If people are classified as either digital natives or digital immigrants, Pat classifies herself as a digital captive as information technology has played an important role in her life since she was a teenager. Couple this with her experience in grass roots marketing and you’ve got a good combination of common sense and wisdom in a world where it difficult to single out experts who are shouting the same message in a crowded marketplace.

Read this book and use these principles to turn your intuition into informed decisions that lead to the right experts and your business success.