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About The Community Entrepreneur

Since 2010,  we at The Community Entrepreneur have been helping entrepreneurially minded not-for-profit organisations and the people in them to grow, get to where they want to be and make an impact in their communities. Organisations we have assisted include artists, sports clubs, CFA, charities, disability, youth, multicultural, homeless, indigenous, neighbourhood houses, cemeteries, overseas aid and aged care to name a few. We also have extended our services to businesses.

Through encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial thinking we


10,000 community entrepreneurs in 75 countries!

Empowered organisations, individuals, and communities who step up and turn their ideas into reality. 

Our Mission is to work with entrepreneurially focused community innovators to change their world, community by community.

Think outside the norm. Create the environment that supports new ideas and innovation. Creative thinkers are always ahead of the pack.

Start at the end and work backwards.

Harness the wisdom, skills and energy of others to share your common outcome.

Support entrepreneurial thinking with solid foundations in the community.

Be transparent, clear and engage all who matter. Do no harm.

About Pat Grosse

Founder of The Community Entrepreneur® 

For ten years, Pat organised conferences, workshops and study visits for UK and international professionals interested in the European Union. This was the time when ‘social inclusion’ became a new buzz word; the Information Super Highway was paving the way for the technology we take for granted today; and countries were scrambling for membership. Pat learned strategy at the highest levels and developed an entrepreneurial streak that she now uses to motivate not-for-profits to step outside of their everyday spaces and to think and plan to take their businesses to the next level. 

Pat worked for a leading provider of professional development programs in the UK for ten years before taking up a role with a funding body in Australia where she also held a white hat auditor role, monitoring not-for-profits and seeking out opportunities to guide them through change.  In 2010, she stepped out of the role to use her skills to mentor and support organisations to adapt and grow. Since then she has brought in millions of dollars for clients, many of whom have gone on to win awards and get recognition for their programs. 

Because she works with businesses as well as NFPs, Pat can translate working cultures and facilitate public/private partnership ventures. Pat’s background in marketing and grants also contributes to helping organisations pitch their proposals and attract new clients. 

Pat is supported by a dedicated team with expertise in strategic marketing, community research and environmental sustainability. 


“This defines entrepreneur and entrepreneurship - the entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter F Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles