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Higher Purpose Accounting

In this book, Steven Franks will show you How the NDIS Can Work for You in your business.

  • All about what the NDIS is including the expected outcomes, the challenges and the opportunities
  • What systems and processes you need and why you need them plus how to implement and keep current
  • The importance of planning, marketing and key strategies to manage your business including regular reviews
  • Benefits of being involved with the NDIS, the players, compliance and getting paid

Although written for businesses operating within the NDIS environment, the concepts can be practically applied in any business.


HELPipedia is a new nonprofit in the USA with a grand vision to be global. Their dream is that no ask for help goes unheard. So, they’ve created an online hub hosting coaches, therapists, counselors, and professionals of all types, plus their books, courses, merchandise, and other content. Small teams of members work together to jointly pursue revenue opportunities whereas volunteers help with word-of-mouth. If this sounds interesting, please view:

Copy Cred

Jackie McRae Pg Dip Bus, B.Comm, CPM, MPRIA, MICDA 

Director I COPY CRED

With a 15-year career in public relations and corporate communications, COPY CRED Director, Jackie McRae, helps service providers build reputation and retention with persuasive award submissions that get noticed by the judges. 


Clients can choose a done-for-you service where you can sit back and let the professionals pull the application together, or their done-with-you service where they will coach you through the application and writing process. 


Award finalists and winners can leverage their award status for business development, marketing, public relations, staff attraction, thought leadership, speaking opportunities, mentoring, and more. 


Want to see the business awards you’re missing out on? Download the Australian Business Awards Calendar today. 


Want to chat about your own award strategy or have a need for award support? Leave a message for Jackie at 


Unravelling Red Tape

Elaine Abery –

The Right Expertise to Build Bridges with Government to Resolve the Pressing Issues for Industries and Business Owners


Did you know you can change government decisions?

Sometimes, a government decision just feels “wrong”, is unfair or unjust, makes no sense, or is old-fashioned and forces business to redo or replicate efficient processes… inefficiently. My name is Elaine Abery, from Unravelling Red Tape, and I have over 20 years’ experience working in, and with, government to improve its decision-making (laws, interpretation of laws, even the Medical Benefits Schedule).


For example, someone may offer the same medical services as a large hospital, by the same staff with the same accreditations as in the large hospital, but government financial assistance is higher for large hospitals. This feels “wrong” and is something I love helping with.

For more details and more examples, please click here.